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Acceptance as a change for your life.

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

Hello…Hello!! We have never talked about acceptance and is a vitally important word that can change our lives if we really apply it in all its meaning. We find ourselves many times in life with many efforts in different areas of life, we think we accept what happens to us or we resign to it.

The first thing we must be clear about, is that resignation is not acceptance, resignation is simply having something in your life that is creating a conflict and you get tired of fighting to resolve it, and without being satisfied you tell your self that you accept it with a lot of effort, but deep down it creates discomfort and emotions that are not in accordance with inner peace and happiness.

Resignation appears when something is inevitable, when you feel there is nothing else you can do, and you just accept it and that´s it, but it is from the mouth out, always creating an internal and external conflict, since the discomfort is always present and will always come out in that area of life where you are resigning yourself.

Acceptance is the action of embracing what occurs in our daily life, specially the painful and unavoidable events in a natural way, without resentment, without looking for culprits, this is easy to say, but not easy to apply.

Acceptance is the recognition of undesirable situations in our reality that we can do nothing to change, learning to assume them (without complaints or excuses) and thus strengthening our tolerance to failures, to losses or vital disappointments.

Whatever your present situation is, accept it as if you had chosen it, think that it can teach you to grow, so you should not reject it, but accept it in order to transform it. All moments in life are not perfect, our days can be full of negative circumstances, situations that we would like to escape from, but you have no choice but to face those situations, if you don't you would be dead, you face them without realizing.

What you need to ask yourself is: does it help you to regret the situation? Does it help you to blame someone else or to blame yourself? Does it help you to resist the present situation?

When I think about it from my heart, none of the above questions help, therefore, you must train your brain or your mind not to judge, not to give an opinion, and allow you to see rationally and without emotional additions the situation you are living in the present time. Negative emotions are powerful, and you feed them by not accepting yourself, while repeating, over and over again that you do not deserve anything that is happening to you. The situation may seem dramatic to you, but you must keep in mind that everything passes, and everything comes to an end.

Do not stop living your present moment, stop focusing on your past and your future, giving strength to the past or thinking too much about the future makes the road traveled full of expectations, dreams, and lack of awareness of being here and now.

There is always something positive to take out of the present time, I know that you have not chosen what happens to you, but if you adopt it as such, this will help you to deal with it in a better way. There is always, always something positive to take out of everything bad that can happen to you, you just need to see what is happening to you from another point of view.

Don't ask yourself why it happens to you? ask yourself, why is it happening to you? that way you will avoid judging yourself, and you will be able to get a lot of positive things on that list you set for yourself.

Another important fact I want to give you, is not to resist the pain, pain is part of life without a doubt, so when you feel it, do not repress it or deny it, this is worse. Experience it, accept it and recognize it. Do not complain about everything, this victimizes you, it makes apathy arrive and with that emotion you will not be able to get ahead in life.

Acceptance will help you gain health, minimize your stress and anxiety levels and have a better quality of life.



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