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How to gain health, optimal weight and quality of life.

Hello, Hello..!!!! ¬Who doesn't want to gain health, optimal weight and quality of life?

Well, I will tell you about a nutritional system to recover and preserve health, it is called Bamboo Diet System.

The Bamboo Diet System is a nutritional system developed based on wild gorillas, which practically do not get sick with metabolic syndrome, unless they are in captivity.

You may say, and what is metabolic syndrome? It is the medical term to characterize a person who presents a combination of type 2 diabetes, hypertension, obesity usually with fatty liver, which frequently degenerates into cardiac and renal complications and eventually death.

Wild gorillas have a metabolism virtually identical to that of humans, but they do not suffer from metabolic syndrome, unless they are in captivity, nor from the modern diseases of poor nutrition. If they don't get sick, there is no reason for you to get sick either, because the researchers at the Center for Regenerative Medicine, based on Mother Nature and science, have put the Bamboo Diet System in our hands to achieve optimal weight and health.

Why the gorilla? Because we are descended from primates! Gorillas feed mainly on bamboo shoots, tree stems, green vegetables, berries and fruits, they have a metabolism almost identical to humans, but unlike humans, they are strong and healthy and do not suffer from modern diseases.

It is worth reiterating that wild gorillas, due to their diet, do not suffer from metabolic syndrome or any of its manifestations, such as cardiovascular problems, type 2 diabetes, renal problems, fatty liver, etc. This allows us to deduce that if wild gorillas do not suffer from obesity, type 2 diabetes, or their complications, then there is no reason for humans to suffer from these conditions outside of food.

The Bamboo Diet System is an effective system to recover health and to prevent modern diseases caused by bad nutrition.

This system is for all people, whether they are sick or want to preserve their health.

What does it consist of? 2 shakes that replace food:

Bamboo Detox and Bamboo Diet, for breakfast.

Gorilla Protein, for lunch or dinner.

How does Bamboo Detox work? at breakfast generates hepato-intestinal cleansing. It is impossible to heal an organism that is poisoned by toxins.

Bamboo detox cleanses the intestines. The average person usually has 5 to 6 pounds of fecal waste that continually poison the body, disrupting good liver function by overloading the liver with toxins. One of the first things that will occur is bowel emptying.

The detox cleanses the blood by activating the liver to achieve optimal cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

The detox contains a group of adaptogenic plants, reishi, thistle, schizandra, Maitake, Shiitake, and a multiplicity of others that protect the liver against environmental toxins, excess alcohol, drug-induced cirrhosis, etc.

When we talk about adaptogens we refer to a group of superior, wonderful plants that counteract environmental toxins, pesticides, fertilizers, preservatives, preservatives, which poison the liver, and as such serve to counteract the disease by preserving the liver among other things. It is worth mentioning that the metabolic syndrome due to obesity with liver damage is one of the main causes of disease and mortality.

By detoxifying the organism, Bamboo detox eliminates the reactivity of the immune system, counteracting the appearance of autoimmune diseases, allergies, psoriasis, fatty liver, etc.

The Bamboo Detox based on bamboo shoots contains a high fiber content that helps control hypertension, obesity, coronary heart disease and cancer.

In short, Bamboo detox cleanses the intestines, liver and blood.

As you can see, making the decision to be healthy is ours alone.



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