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Only you can handle emotions at Christmas

Hello, Hello..!!!! For many, the arrival of Christmas can be the most beautiful and happy time of the year and for others a time of emotional explosion. People who don't like Christmas usually relate it to factors that affect their emotions from the past, even from childhood, this was my case, but then that changed.

For me, until before I got married and had my own family, Christmas was a sad time, my negative thoughts would take over for various reasons, my parents divorced when I was 12 years old, the structure of the home fell apart, and despite all the changes, family gatherings were customary.

For me, after the breakup of my parents, it was sad to have to divide one day with one, the other day with the other, I thought about how the one who was left alone felt, because if I felt sad I always thought a lot about each member of the family and that tormented me more than my own feelings, my own sadness. From there Christmas became an unwanted time for me, and I must add that in my childhood in every Christmas always happened some kind of accident or unexpected unpleasant situation.

I know that many of us have recent situations that mark us emotionally, and all this is valid, we are spiritual beings who have feelings and experience emotions, but even so, my experience can help you to manage those emotions.

What made this change? My way of thinking, having dreams, therefore, I recommend not to stop dreaming because, as long as we dream we are alive. We must seek that those dreams are brought to reality based on our actions to be achieved. But for this you must learn to manage and control with a lot of awareness your thoughts, which are the triggers of your emotions, despite the situation you live.

An important point is not to put pressure on yourself that at Christmas everyone is expected to be happy, do not put pressure on your life, simply accept the emotion. When you accept your emotions and become aware of them, you can be the cause of your thoughts and achieve changes. Seek rehabilitation is an extraordinary solution, do not seek to be alone, accept the time of year, attend meetings, this will distract you, and your mind will have other thoughts, therefore, other feelings and therefore other emotions.

Always take time to meditate, I recommend guided meditations that lead you to calm your mind, your thoughts, and allow you to make better decisions.

Doing physical activity in groups is an excellent activity to distract your mind and therefore change your emotions.

Don't stand on pause, only you can bring about change.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2023!



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