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Organize your diet, don't lose your mind in December.

Hello, Hello!!!! It seems unbelievable, but we are very close to the end of the year, in the blink of an eye the year 2022 has passed. December arrives in a few days and with it comes the holidays, meetings with family and friends, a wonderful month, full of many expectations as we say goodbye to one year, and look forward to another, where we set new postulates and desires.

In December, as we have more commitments, we tend to eat much more, we are less disciplined and many people gain a few extra pounds or kilos. But it is time to break with this habit, we can have a holiday full of fun, good times, enjoying the pleasures of sharing without the need to make life revolve around food and drink.

I will give you a healthy recommendation to maintain weight, nourishing our cells and protecting them from the free radicals that we ingest in the traditional foods and drinks of the holiday season.

The most important thing is that we become aware that we must take care of our health, that we must not give up discipline or willpower, we must make the decision that even though we will be partying, we can enjoy ourselves with awareness.

The first thing we must do is to get organized, if we have a dinner, we must maintain our exercise routine, if you are not much of an exerciser it is good to at least walk 30 minutes a day.

Buy your Bamboo Diet System, through, what does it consist of? It is a nutritional system developed based on wild gorillas, which practically do not get sick with metabolic syndrome, unless they are in captivity.

You may say, and what is metabolic syndrome? It is the medical term to characterize a person who presents a combination of type 2 diabetes, hypertension, obesity usually with fatty liver, which frequently degenerates into cardiac and renal complications and eventually death.

Wild gorillas have a metabolism virtually identical to that of humans, but they do not suffer from metabolic syndrome, unless they are in captivity, (as mentioned above) and neither do they suffer from the modern diseases of poor nutrition. If they don't get sick, there is no reason for us to get sick either.

How do we use this system: at breakfast ingest Bamboo Diet and Bamboo Detox, mixing both in a half-liter bottle of water. Bamboo Detox generates a hepato-intestinal cleansing, thus eliminating toxins from the body. The Bamboo Diet is constituted by fiber and phytonutrients, that minimize the disorder of insulin, which is the hormone of fatness, minimizing the excessive shots of this hormone to the blood, reducing the tendency to obesity.

Then, at noon, replace lunch with Bamboo Protein, also diluted in half a liter of water, this protein regenerates the cells of the vital organs by providing them with the 9 amino acids essential for life. Without these amino acids the organism cannot exist and the organs deteriorate.

It is worth noting that this system provides only 185 calories per day, helping you to be nourished, healthy, providing you that door at dinner to consume those rich holiday meals. Remember that even though you are taking care of yourself you should not eat or drink in excess, do it until you feel satisfied, without falling into abuses.

If you have a lunch: apply the Bamboo Diet and Detox system at breakfast, Bamboo Protein at dinner.I

f you have a breakfast: Bamboo Diet and Detox at lunch, Bamboo Protein at dinner.

Don't be afraid, you can keep your weight and your healthy life in December just by being organized.



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