Robotic-Laser Therapy and hits benefits.

An innovative therapy worth knowing that has no side effects and helps to improve the different physical, musculoskeletal ailments of patients. This is a zero invasive and very effective therapy, achieving the greatest benefit for the patient, decreasing pain and chronic inflammation, acts as an analgesic, oxygenates the tissue, increasing cellular energy, among many of its functions.

At the Center for Regenerative Medicine, we have laser therapy equipment HILT® (High-Intensity Laser Therapy), it is an advanced technology, which is applied by professionals and a lot of security to achieve the best benefits and results in patients providing them with a better quality of life.

To treat pain effectively, the vicious cycle of compression, pain, inflammation and further compression present in almost all joint injuries must be broken.

Robotic laser therapy uses high-frequency, high-intensity laser light to relieve pain and inflammation and joint or muscle stiffness affecting the osteo-muscular-articular apparatus, from superficial to deep pain, achieving long lasting benefits for the patient in a short period of time. The energy of the robotic laser generates vasodilatation, thus increasing blood circulation to the affected areas, has analgesic effects, improves intracellular metabolism. Being red light therapy, it also activates the body's repairing stem cells, which are dormant due to the passing of the years, which, when awakened and activated with nano-bioelectronic photo-acoustic laser technology, are capable of reversing the aging of the brain and organs. therefore, it is also an anti-aging therapy.

It is a painless treatment, each session has an average duration of 10 to 40 minutes, depending on the patient's condition and the areas to be treated. From the first session a sense of relief is experienced, inflammation is greatly reduced and there is fast and effective relief, inflammation is greatly reduced and there is fast and effective relief, it has a cumulative effect, that is, it will improve as treatment progresses.

This type of therapy is indicated for tendon and ligament injuries, muscle aches and injuries, muscle tears, degenerative joint conditions and joint inflammation, pain, bruising, swelling and post-operative

pain, hematomas, inflammation and post-operative wounds, musculoskeletal disorders, neuropathies, among others.

A great high-tech alternative to improve your quality of life and gain in health. The most important thing is to be aware of our body and not wait for the pain to intensify and seek professional help, the sooner the better.