Solution to joint inflammation:

At the Centro de Medicina Regenerativa we have excellent equipment to apply advanced medical therapy that helps patients suffering from joint inflammation, achieving the reduction of inflammation effects, reducing pain. Increases metabolic activity by acting on the mitochondria, which reduces healing time, allowing the patient to have a better quality of life.

This is an excellent alternative since it is a technology that uses high intensity laser light that favors the energy supply to the cells, its action is key on the modulation of pain, cellular oxygenation, muscle relaxation and improvement of microcirculation achieving an anti-inflammatory effect.

This advanced therapy is applied with great professionalism and safety to obtain the best benefits and results practicing deep and effective therapy.

It is used to treat relief of pain and joint or muscle stiffness that affect the osteo-muscular-articular apparatus, from the superficial to the deepest, and can be achieved in a short time and with long-lasting benefits for the patient.

Advanced laser therapy has no side effects or pain during or after treatment and combined with Endo-Laser or intravenous Laser, the greatest benefit for the patient is achieved, reducing pain and chronic inflammation, promotes cell metabolism by stimulating tissue repair processes and functional recovery, among many of its functions.

We invite you to make your appointment now! and experience this advance therapy without side effects and fully approved by the FDA.