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The communication and the Universe.

Hello, Hello...!!!! and today I feel like philosophizing a bit, but I promise you that we will eventually gain health and have a healthy lifestyle. Is that okay with you?

I want to talk to you about the importance of communication, do we communicate correctly? do we really use the right phrases? Do we understand that our messages have interaction with the entire universe? and when I speak of the entire universe, I am referring to the people who see us and do not listen to us, the energy we emanate, both physically and mentally, how do we receive the messages and what is our attitude towards life, towards people, and towards ourselves, etc.?

Communication is not achieved only by using words. communication can be by touch, by thoughts, by a letter, a card, an email, etc. But I want to get to the point that communication is everything that allows us to be and interact in this universe.

Each one of us creates communication with everything around us, with our parents, partners, children, bosses, co-workers, with nature, with our body, our cells, with the food we eat, with our home, with each of our material goods, etc. Do we agree with this? I'm sure we do.

Therefore, since we are the creators, all communication comes from our thoughts, our mind is responsible for all communication, but we are responsible for the energy of our thoughts, and how we interact depends on that energy.

If our thoughts emit words which we are the only ones to hear, if they are positive, this changes our attitude, our emotional state and therefore, we will communicate with good manners and enthusiasm, we emanate wavelengths that fill the space with a wonderful vibe, this not only changes the color of our days, but also influences the people we share with at home, at work, at the supermarket, bakery, pharmacy, cab, etc. But what it influences the most is our health, those positive thoughts emit constant vibrations that are perceived by our cells and we are very clear and conscious that we are a group of billions of cells.

Have a positive attitude towards life and realize that every day is a new opportunity to breathe, to have the ability to move, work, family, etc. To thank nature that gives you every day a moon, a sun, stars, water, clouds, the greenness of the trees, to see beautiful and admire the cloudy or sunny days, seeing people in the streets and saying hello, smiling, all this allows us to have a communication beyond words, beyond a closed circle of people. This gives us a universal communication. Can you see it?

Now, when our thoughts are positive towards ourselves, we can become aware of how to feed ourselves, how to give our body what it needs. A healthy diet based on nourishing our cells allows us to communicate with each one of them. think that if you eat junk food, the energetic communication you give your body is negative, the brain may receive it as something pleasant, but you are not giving it the positive communication it needs.

Making the decision to have a healthy lifestyle is driven by your conscious thoughts, not by sabotaging thoughts, which often come to hinder conscious decisions. Positive communication is the communication that allows us to have a relationship with the entire universe. Therefore, communicating and connecting properly with the foods our body needs, allows us to have a better communication with everything around us.

Having an intoxicated body, suffering from inflammation, irritable bowel syndrome, diabetes, blood pressure, cardiovascular problems, obesity, metabolic syndrome, frequent allergies, etc., cuts off our communication, does not allow us to have constant positive thoughts and attitudes in life, since we must invest the energy and positive wavelengths in life in taking medicines, in ailments and sufferings.

Having conditions that detract from our health generally prevent us from seeing the good and wonderful things that life has to offer, and we stop communicating with everything around us.

Communication is universal, and with positive thoughts, a positive attitude, positive decision making, it simply allows us to gain physical and emotional health.

Decide for your health, stay away from toxic people who emanate words, body expressions, which detract energy and alter your positive communication with everything around you.

Take the decision today to make a change in your life, start with something simple, but healthy, don't try to change everything at once.

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