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The driving force to be thankful every day

Hello, Hello !!!!!!

We always hear about gratitude, the importance of being thankful, yes, it is the driving force of each one of us in life, and the truth is that I think it is totally true.

Many of us should be in a perpetual state of gratitude, but we forget.

Gratitude is very strong and tremendously powerful, both for the individual on an emotional level, as well as for living and surviving in our environment on a relational level.

Thank you is a short and easy to pronounce word, but it carries a lot of meaning and a very powerful potential, if we know how to use it, however, we use it out of habit, by educational standard, and many times we forget about its existence.

Gratitude is a primary skill to develop and maintain adequate levels of emotional well-being, satisfaction and quality of life, it is a value, therefore, we must take it as a way of life.

We must have the ability to be grateful, this will allow us to recognize the past and present positive aspects, those that benefit us in some way and that, has therefore given a pleasant meaning to our existence.

To be grateful is to express appreciation. We know people who spend their lives cursing a dark day, and others who are grateful for the existence of a new day despite the presence of some clouds. The truth is, we often forget the times or reasons we have, to feel grateful.

We should not wait for something extraordinary to happen for us to be grateful, we should know and learn to appreciate any detail no matter how small it may be. To know how to observe and notice the good things, big or small.

Gratitude is a great force against pessimism. Grateful people focus on what they do have and possess, and not on what they lack, they look at life with a different vision, they see the good, positive things and express their loving emotions, they are people who give off more illusion and much less complaint.

How can we be truly grateful?

Well, it is like having a technique that we must put into practice. The technique is to actively think about the things we do have and for which we are grateful. Research from the prestigious Harvard University explains that "gratitude is a way for people to appreciate what they have instead of always looking for something new, hoping it will make them happier, or thinking they can't be satisfied until they get all their physical and material needs. Gratitude helps people refocus on what they have instead of what they lack."

To put into practice the technique of gratitude we must incorporate daily habits, at first it costs a little, but you must do it constantly and consciously, you should not thank from the mouth out, you must do it from the heart.

I recommend that you take 5 or 10 minutes to write down all those things for which you feel gratitude every day of your life. Having this as a habit will be part of you, of your life, this will change each of your days, you will go out into the street, into life, with much more optimism and strength to live each day.

We are very fortunate, we only have to raise awareness.



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