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The importance of detoxifying the body

Hello, Hello...!!!!! We will talk about the importance of detoxifying the body. The biggest problem of humanity, and the biggest cause of mortality, are nutrition-related diseases, such as: arteriosclerosis, hypertension, type 2 diabetes with its renal and cardiac complications, loss of vision, fatty liver, among others.

The first thing to understand is that all of these conditions have a dietary origin and as such, it is important to be certain that they all have a solution, of course, by correcting the diet.

Hippocrates, founder of modern medicine, stated that most diseases are the product of inadequate nutrition, and this was not yesterday, this was 400 years before Christ, and his request to mankind is "let your food be your medicine and your medicines be your food".

Therefore, we must be aware and take measures to avoid suffering from chronic degenerative diseases caused by an inadequate or deficient diet, and if we already suffer from any condition, we can improve it and even reverse it.

The first thing to do is to eliminate toxins from the body. Our body is not a garbage can, and if we have not treated it so well and conscientiously, the best thing to do is to detoxify it. This detoxification begins with the liver and intestines.

Remember that the liver acts as a real filter, helps the body digest food, stores energy, collects and eliminates numerous toxins. Now visualize for a moment what happens to your liver when you do not give it the proper nutrition, it is impossible for it to filter and digest junk food, the energy it stores is negative, and no matter how much waste it eliminates, it has already been affected in the work it does.

The intestines continue the process of digestion of food coming from the stomach, and absorb nutrients (vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, and proteins) and water for use in the body; what is not needed is discarded through defecation.

Now, if we give our body inadequate nutrition, it will not have the necessary nutrients to perform its functions optimally. We begin to suffer from constipation, inflammation, etc.

Therefore, we must take measures to have our body detoxified and more in this modern and technological world, where time is not enough, but not for that reason you must abandon your vehicle to be in this life.

So I will tell you about and recommend the wonderful natural formula called Bamboo Detox, it is in charge of the hepato-intestinal cleansing, it is impossible to heal an organism that is poisoned by toxins.

We must clean the intestines. The average person usually has 5 to 6 pounds of fecal waste that continually intoxicates the body, disrupting good liver function by overloading the liver with toxins. One of the first things that will occur is bowel emptying.

Bamboo Detox cleanses the blood by activating the liver to achieve optimal cholesterol and triglyceride levels. It contains a group of adaptogenic plants, reishi, milk thistle, schizandra, Maitake, Shiitake, and a multiplicity of others that protect the liver against environmental toxins, excess alcohol, drug-induced cirrhosis, etc.

When we talk about adaptogens we refer to a group of elite plants that counteract environmental toxins, pesticides, fertilizers, preservatives, preservatives, which poison the liver and as such, serve to counteract diseases by preserving the liver among other things. It is worth mentioning that the metabolic syndrome due to obesity with liver damage is one of the main causes of disease and mortality.

By detoxifying the organism with Bamboo Detox, it eliminates the reactivity of the immune system, counteracting the appearance of autoimmune diseases, allergies, psoriasis, fatty liver, etc.

Bamboo Detox is based on bamboo shoots, it has a high fiber content that helps control hypertension, obesity, coronary heart disease and cancer.

As you will see it is a wonderful formula that will make us gain health, have quality of life. Deciding for health is totally personal, only you can do it.



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