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The importance of having a good restful sleep:

Hi Hi…!!!! Well, if we are going to talk about what restorative sleep is and the importance of it. How we will always define what it is, so that we become aware and go for that goal that makes us healthy.

What is a good night's sleep? It is that dream that has no interruption, that fulfills functions and allows us to feel fresh and rested the next day. It can be concluded, it is the number of hours we must sleep to feel good. The hours can change as we age, but this does not mean that it should be 100% like that, since if we make the decision to achieve that restful sleep by assuming the correct and healthy habits, we can always have a restful sleep. Sleep is a biological function, we spend almost a third of our lives sleeping, therefore, if we spend a third of our lives sleeping, sleep must have very important functions, I am sure that you believe the same thing as I do. Let's review some of those vital functions: It restores the tissues, and one of the most important tissues is that of the brain, it also recovers energy. While we sleep, memory is consolidated, our immune system. Our hormonal system is regulated, growth hormone and the hormones related to the feeling of hunger and satiety, insulin, is released while we sleep. Therefore, when we sleep well, the brain is rested and the production of hormones is balanced, memory works perfectly. That makes the imagination more powerful and us more creative. It helps you lose weight, as it causes the adipocytes (fat cells) to release less leptin, which is the appetite suppressant hormone. When we have insomnia, it also causes the stomach to release more ghrelin (the appetite hormone). Failure to achieve this balance increases the chances of suffering from obesity. Protects the heart, studies carried out at different universities around the world affirm that people who suffer from insomnia are three times more likely to suffer from heart failure, insomnia increases the stress hormone in the blood, therefore increases blood pressure, heart rate and high cholesterol.

Not sleeping well can cause depression, since it decreases the secretion of serotonin and melatonin, these hormones counteract the effects of stress hormones (adrenaline and cortisol) and serotonin and melanin help us to be happier and emotionally stronger . Lack of sleep causes the prolonged release of stress hormones. Knowing the benefits and importance of a restful sleep, we must take the necessary measures to achieve it, but without creating anxiety or worry, I say the latter since when we have a night of not sleeping well, we begin to force ourselves to sleep, and this it just causes more stress. I will give you some recommendations to achieve that restful sleep, and we achieve the hours of sleep necessary to repair and recover our body. Avoid drugs, as these can make you sleep, but at the same time they can alter your central nervous system and alter your hormonal system, you can also end up in a vicious cycle of needing the sleeping pill. I always recommend that you look for natural alternatives, it is important that you know that a bad night's sleep does not mean that you suffer from insomnia. Use habits to achieve restful sleep such as:

Do not spend more time in bed than you should, use the bed to sleep, to have sexual activity, avoiding eating, reading, watching TV, etc. Disconnect from the cell phone at least 30 minutes before going to sleep, and keep an hour of going to bed. Avoid caffeine and any other product that can increase your body energy levels after noon. Do not go to bed after eating, and avoid heavy meals, difficult to digest. Get physical activity at least 5 days a week. Keep a daily agenda where you write down all those things that worry you, the cycles that you must run that are important to you both work and family. Bringing things to do to bed does not make mental rest possible, and therefore distorts your sleep. Meditate, take your time to breathe, to calm your thoughts, it does not have to be a long time, 10 minutes before going to bed, it helps you to be relaxed. As always, I recommend nutritional supplements, so magnesium cannot be lacking at night, you can take it in powder with a Chamomile or Linden tea. You can also consume Fall Asleep, this is a liquid formula that regulates your hours of sleep. Mixed with two capsules of Adrenal-Modulator, which is a blend of adaptogenic plants, Withania Somnífera and Rhodiola Rosea. Formula that lowers stress levels. Mitigate anxiety and induce a restful sleep. Benefits: Anxiolytic, improves mood, mental cognitive function and concentration, reduces blood glucose by increasing insulin sensitivity in muscle cells. Increases ATP (cellular energy molecule), anti-inflammatory, anti-arthritis, anti-metastatic, increases sperm count and mobility, increases muscle mass in athletes, thyroid modulator in hyperthyroidism, reduces cholesterol and insomnia. There's no way you can't get your sleep back naturally, it's just a matter of awareness and discipline, small easy changes. To take your life by the reins, decide for your health.

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