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When the thyroid speaks, listen to it.

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We have not talked about the thyroid, and it is a vitally important gland, so we must listen to it. The thyroid gland has many functions in the body. It produces hormones that keep the organs functioning properly. It also regulates the use of energy, for example, how we burn calories and how fast the heart beats, stimulates every tissue in the body to produce proteins, increases the amount of oxygen used by cells, maintenance of the skin, the growth that already with age, this is not noticeable, helps the production of body heat, fertility, and digestion. As you can see, it is of vital importance.

Another important point is that thyroid can affect our mood, can cause anxiety or depression and this can vary depending on the thyroid disease, when the condition is more intense, they increase in the same way. If we have an increased production of thyroid hormones unusual nervousness can be experienced, restlessness, anxiety,

irritability. If hormone production is slow, the symptoms will be mild to severe fatigue and depression, weight gain, increased sensitivity to heat and cold, change in bowel movements, irregular menstrual periods. The important thing is to be alert, the thyroid speaks, and we must listen to it.

If you are suffering from any of these symptoms, you MUST go to the endocrinologist, and he will perform all the necessary tests to determine the problem that is precipitating that condition, he will give you the appropriate treatment.

When the thyroid is diagnosed as autoimmune thyroiditis, also known as Hashimoto´s, taking synthetic hormones is necessary, but the dose can be minimized by addressing the causes that contribute to its development.

As I always say, the ideal is to be aware and have a healthy lifestyle to avoid suffering from chronic degenerative conditions in the future.

In this blog I will guide you on how to prevent your thyroid from not working properly.

All autoimmune pathology occurs in the intestine, since 70% of the immune system is found there, therefore:

We must avoid everything that inflames us. No processed foods, dairy, sugars, water with chlorine or fluoride, no gluten, soy, much less animal protein

-It is important to take supplements such as: selenium, iodine (not exceeding 20mg daily), vitamin D3, magnesium, copper, zinc, iron, vitamin E and B12, probiotics, I-glutaine.

-Selenium lowers antibody levels and I-glutamine improves the intestinal mucosa.

-Avoid consuming synthetic hormones for birth control and by the time you reach menopause synthetic hormones affect your entire hormonal system, seek to control both naturally.

-Use ecological cleaning products and cosmetics, also avoid using plastic containers to store and heat food.

-Es vital to reduce stress levels and learn to relax, rest, meditation, relaxation techniques and pleasure activities prevent adrenal fatigue and excess stress hormones.

-Avoid gluten. People with autoimmune diseases are usually sensitive to gluten (present in wheat, oats, rye, barley, white rise, etc.) by eliminating it from their diet often they improve their general condition. If you do not have a thyroid problem but want to take care of it, my recommendation is to get gluten out of your life.

-Soybeans and derivatives are goitrogens, that is, they inhibit the absorption of iodine which damage the thyroid, and their isoflavones reduce the production of thyroid hormone by blocking the activity of the enzyme TPO (Thyroid Antiperoxidase Antibodies). Consume in moderation or eliminate it.

-Milk and dairy products contain lactose, a type of sugar, as well as casein protein and its protease inhibitors produce an irritating effect on the intestinal mucosa and the flora that collaborates with the immune system.

-Eliminate cabbages, although they are very healthy vegetables, the Brassica oleracea family contains glucosinolates and progoitrin, which inhibit iodine absorption. Therefore, reduce or avoid cabbage, turnips, radishes and mustard.

-Get frequent physical activity which helps to drain stress levels, burn calories for a healthy weight, and activate hormones that allow you to gain health and have an excellent mood.

Consume Adrenal Modulator, is a complement of Ashwagandha, an adaptogen that relieves stress and balances hormones, you can get it on our website:



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