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Who controls your diet?

Hi Hi..!!! Today we are going to talk about who controls our diet, since normally we are trying to manage compulsive hunger, justifying anxiety, addiction to some foods, it is that the body asks me for it, etc. Well the answer is simple, you control your diet. We can always justify what we eat or don't eat, but you control your mind, your emotions, your decisions, etc.

Normally we have related stressful situations, worries, depression, anxiety with the fact of eating to feel better and calm down, in this way we lose control of what we eat and ignore the messages of the body, and we lose the notion of what really it is physiological hunger. We know that this phenomenon occurs and is recognized as a negative behavior and there is no known or applicable solution for most of the people who find themselves in these situations, they are sometimes medicated by antidepressants and appetite suppressants, but in the end it is not a real solution, and these drugs can alter the central nervous system, causing future problems, falling into a vicious circle that when the drugs are stopped we will suffer from the same conditions again. So the most important thing and the real and true solution is that you begin to work your mind, with being here and now, with a state of full consciousness of body and mind. that involves being present and without judging in the experiences lived in each moment.

How do we apply this to our eating behavior? Simple, eat more consciously. so you eat enough to be satisfied, no more, no less. I know that it is said in a simple way, I also know that they think that I write it as if that is all and we solved the problem, but DO NOT believe me that it is not easy, this requires learning and a break of habits that one has and one had. until now, since from today that will change. The idea is that the mind and body work as a team in sending and receiving the essential signals of what we need and want to eat. You must be alert to your feelings of: Satisfied, hungry, or the craving to eat something rich and delicious; We must also be in the present tense in terms of our emotions since every day is not the color of roses, if what you want on those days are foods that do not nourish you, or that you do not eat those portions in normal conditions, it is simply being generated an urge to eat uncontrollably I always tell them that the body is intelligent, it has a biological intelligence that allows it to function, this intelligence is different from the conscious intelligence that we have as humans, when the body needs food, the brain will emit the message, and that is where we will give it food. that do not nourish and allow you to be healthy, important in the selection of healthy foods choose those that feel pleasant on your palate. We must fully trust that the perceived signals will guide us correctly towards what we need physiologically. You must learn to love and love your body, no matter if you are fat, skinny, tall, short, etc. You must also love that it works, that you are healthy, that you are alive, walking, that your organs work, and that you are here and now. If you love yourself, you will take care of yourself in the same way that you take care of your loved ones. Food is part of social life and is related to pleasure, this has been the case for many years, it is part of having a social, family life, etc. But just realize that food is the fuel your body needs to be alive and healthy. Perceive each food as neutral, do not put adjectives of whether it is good or bad, whether it is rich or not, simply see the food from the point of view that it is necessary for the functioning of all my organs.

My recommendations to achieve this wonderful goal. Live one day at a time, and be present in the here and now. Don't think about tomorrow or a month, it's TODAY. Write a motivational phrase of your own inspiration to achieve your goals for that day, to keep you focused throughout the day. Write the activities to do that day, including work, and personal. The work ones are obvious, the personal ones not so much, so I will give you an example: Exercise, drink green juices, do yoga, eat vegetables, eat quality protein, my motivational phrase for the day, the carbohydrate that I will eat that day that does not pass From the grams I need, the proteins I need, I write down my achievements and I validate myself, I tell myself how wonderful or brilliant I am, etc. I have this in excel and when I achieve my daily goals I put a check on it, this helps me a lot to be focused and know what habits I am not doing correctly and raise awareness to be able to change it. So I invite you to have a conscious diet, and if you suffer from anxiety and stress, you manage them with nutritional supplements: Easy: is a formula of vitamins, plant minerals, collagen protein that allows you to manage compulsive hunger while you work on learning to listen to physiological and not mental hunger.



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