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You suffer from recurring colds:

Hi Hi…!!!! Today we are going to talk about recurring colds.

Do you know someone who suffers from recurring colds or do you suffer from recurrent colds?

Have you heard someone say to yourself that it is normal to have the "flu" of fashion or shift, and they do not know how to get out of them, or they just get used to it and it seems normal to them?

Simply put, the answer is that we must not conform or get used to what we believe is normal in each of us, we must think that we can always be better, and above all healthy

The first thing that I am going to recommend is to attend a health specialist to perform all the necessary tests to see what is precipitating this condition. It is also important that we observe if we have any situation of emotional stress that causes our body to lower its defense mechanisms against aggressive agents and get sick.

When the person is suffering from continuous colds it is important that they take measures to strengthen the immune system, therefore, good nutrition, adequate rest respecting the hours of sleep, meditation or any activity that allows thoughts and stress calm down a bit, having a proper social life and increasing the level of pleasure and happiness, vitamins, minerals and plants as part of the daily diet, is vital for our body to better react to adversity. More in these times where COVID-19 has alerted us to the fragility of the human body at times.

Cold symptoms in most cases are the same: runny nose or runny nose, nasal congestion and sneezing. It can also present with a sore throat, cough, headache, weakness, fever, etc. These symptoms can last 5 to 7 days.

We are in a time where keeping the immune system healthy is vital,since any situation that suppresses us makes us more vulnerable, therefore it is important to take measures that many of us already know and have as a habit due to COVID-19:

· Maintain a good cleaning of the hands, wash them with soap and now even after the soap add alcohol.

Avoid closed and crowded places

· Maintain healthy habits such as healthy and balanced eating, where the intake of fruits and vegetables play a main role.

· The practice of physical activities, as long as we do not have colds or sickness.

Have an adequate daily consumption of water

Nutrients that help strengthen the immune system such as herbal supplements and vitamin C.

Taking care of our immune system is the best way to avoid frequent colds, since it allows us to have an internal balance against external aggressions such as viruses, bacteria, toxins, etc.

A healthy immune system produces cells and antibodies that destroy these harmful substances.

I recommend Immunologix I, which is a 100% natural herbal formula, without side effects, that improves our immune system and our body energy, contains the 21 most powerful immunomodulatory plants known to man. They enhance immunity by stimulating the immune response, while at the same time increasing the number and activity of lymphocytes and macrophages. Therefore, Immunologix is ​​an excellent support in diseases characterized by immune depression, in all types of viral or bacterial infectious disease, also in frequent flu.

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