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laser therapy

The best option against pain

Reduces inflammation
Control the pain
recover quickly

What is laser therapy?

Laser therapy can be considered as energy medicine. It is the use of infrared light for the treatment of pain and musculoskeletal conditions. The main mechanisms of action are the following: analgesic, vasodilator, anti-inflammatory and stimulant of regenerative stem cells .

How does it work?

The energy of the laser waves penetrates the cells and stimulates intracellular activity. This helps reduce pain and makes recovery faster. When the cells recover, the healing process takes place.

How is the treatment?

  • Laser therapy is a treatment that does not cause pain and does not burn.

  • The therapy time is approximately 8-15 minutes each session. 

  • While it is applied, a comfortable sensation is experienced in the area that is being applied.

What does the patient expect after treatment? 

  • Most people experience positive results between one to 3 sessions. Sometimes 10-20 sessions are required to achieve good results in complicated cases.

  • Inflammation is greatly reduced, analgesia and relief are experienced.
    fast in most people. 

  • Acute conditions usually disappear quickly, while chronic conditions can be controlled or even in some cases reversed with 10-20 sessions. 

  • The effects of laser therapy are cumulative. It is essential that you carry out all the sessions recommended by your doctor. Most people experience positive results between one to 3 sessions.

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