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Intravenous Amnisomes


Amnisomes contain biochemical information and essential nutrients which rejuvenate our aged cells, giving them life again. amnisomes treatment is safe, minimally invasive and produces an anti-aging effect, in addition to an important anti-inflammatory effect, which helps control or in some cases reverse aging diseases. A shot of amnisomes every 3 or 4 months delays and minimizes the effects of aging.

Amnisomes exert an anti-aging effect as they help rejuvenate and energize the aged cells of our body, giving them life again. Due to their anti-againg effect, the protocols of amnisomes are a very promising resource that could help control chronic and autoimmune conditions that are the product of aging. In other words, if we manage to slow down or reverse the deterioration of aging, we will largely succeed in reversing these undesirable conditions.

Amnisomes therapy performed in our Regenerative Medicine Center is administered together with an intravenous laser session to facilitate and accelerate patient recovery.

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