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Intra-articular Amnisome


Stem cells are the origin of life in our organism. They represent the brick builder of human biology because it is from there that all organs, muscles, bone structures, skin, hair, nails, eyes and others arise.


These young cells have the greatest potential to regenerate articular tissue because they are created to build tissue and for this reason they are more effective than the old cells of our organism. It is easy to understand why younger cells are the ones that have the greatest capacity to stimulate joint tissue and cartilage.

Intra-articular injections of amnisome significantly improve the effect of stem cells injected into the joints if complemented with the treatment of amnisome. These represent the latest innovation in stem cell technology. They are very small corpuscles emitted by the amniotic fluid stem cells of newborn babies.

Stem cells of newborn babies have higher potency and quality because they are the young cells that give life to the developing fetus. They have an important stimulatory and anti-inflammatory effect on the joints. The amnisome of amniotic fluid are messenger molecules that rejuvenate and give life to the old cells of the articular tissue, reducing inflammation and reprogramming the articular tissue.

 A rapid improvement in the patient's movements is usually achieved with a reduction in pain, which may vary from patient to patient, and which also depends on the lesion.

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