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Bamboo Diet System.

The origin of the Bamboo Diet System was inspired by imitating the feeding of gorillas in captivity, mainly based on bamboo shoot, stems, green vegetables and some fruits, because they have a metabolism very similar to that of human beings, and are incredibly strong and healthy.

The Bamboo Diet System is fully vegan-friendly as it supplies the essential amino acids that vegan typically do not get in their diet, as well as the Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA), leusine, isoleucine and valine.

Of course, the Bamboo Diet System also is absolutely Keto-friendly as it supplies the phytonutrients that are typically lacking in the ketogenic diet as well as in the Paleo diet.

The products taste great even though no sugar has been added. Its carbohydrate content consist mainly of fiber (which is considered a carbohydrate) but has no impact on insulin and does not provide calories.

I believe that this system is the missing link in our therapeutics, since correct nutrition helps to cure most chronic-degenerative diseases, so it represents a great new tool for our doctors to achieve better outcomes. Particularly with the large number of diabetic and hyperlipidemic patients.

Some questions have come up:

Should Bamboo Diet Detox be mixed with Bamboo Diet to replace breakfast? Definitely Yes! I want to emphasize the importance of using Bamboo Detox and Bamboo Diet together in a single dose to achieve the ideal gastric filling that produces several hours of satiety and energy with which the substitution of a meal becomes very easy and bearable. The combination also produces the peristatic movements for one or more bowels movements per day, allowing a total gastric cleansing. This is due to the fiber and botanicals content that they facilitate.



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