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Dancing benefits your health

Hello, Hello..!!!! Gaining health cannot be stressful, much less boring, gaining health should be part of your life, it should be part of knowing how to live.

Having daily movements is vital for our health, it allows us to have our musculoskeletal system in optimal conditions, it favors our circulatory, immunological and hormonal system, since it activates our glands and activates neurotransmitters, beneficial for our physical and mental health, and decreases hormones that can cause us harm.

As not everyone likes to exercise, or have a sports routine, but many of us love to listen to music and if we really like the music, it leads us to move our bodies without thinking about it, even if we are sitting down, I recommend you to choose dancing as a sporting activity, even if you don't know how to do it, it doesn't matter, don't be ashamed or afraid of making a fool of yourself, just dance without thinking about anyone, think about yourself, your health and what makes you happy.

Dancing is an exciting and social way to exercise your body. From ballroom dancing to salsa, dancing exercises the heart, improves our cardiovascular system and blood circulation. It also lowers cholesterol and blood pressure.

Dancing is a good option against sedentary lifestyles, it is a complete physical activity, it also improves mood and motivates social interaction.

The exercise you get from dancing depends on the type of dancing you do and the amount of time you do it. For example, ballroom dancing will give you a moderate workout, this is about the same level of exercise you get from vigorous walking or water aerobics. Most ballroom dancing burns about 260 calories in an hour.

More intense types of dancing, such as salsa or aerobic dancing, will give you a more vigorous workout that resembles jogging or swimming; you can burn up to 500 calories in an hour with these types of dancing.

I know that after reading this very simple blog, you may be wondering how to start this activity?

If you are new at dancing or if you have been inactive, start with a beginner's class. A beginner class will be easier to follow and you will reduce the risk of injury. As you increase your skills and fitness, you can try more advanced classes. You may even want to add new types of dances.

Once you start a class, be patient, it may take a while to learn to move your body and feet along with the music, don't stress, laugh at the lack of coordination and move on, the important thing is the movement, the distraction, the fun, achieving the goal of exercising the body for health.

Now you can see that deciding for health is easy, you just have to follow these tips, make the decision, have willpower and discipline.



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