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Effective Weight Loss with the Easy system to achieve Ketosis (fat burning):

Hi..!!!! We are always looking for options for weight loss that are efficient and functional for many of us. I will tell you today about the ketogenic diet that works quite well to eliminate accumulated fat in some areas of the body.

The first thing we are going to define is what the ketogenic diet is but first we will define the word ketogenic, basically what it means is that the body can work with two types of fuels, one of them is the sugar from carbohydrates present in the foods that we eat, and it is the fuel that most people use mainly, among these foods we have: bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, etc. the other fuel is fat, the ketogenic diet is a low carbohydrate diet, and it is so low in carbohydrates that the body uses fat for energy.

The fat comes from natural foods, such as eggs, meats, avocados, butter, olive oil, nuts, etc. even the brain gets energy from fat. When the body runs out of sugar, the liver converts fat into energy molecules called ketones, which provide energy to the brain.

It is for this reason that it is called the ketogenic diet because ketones are produced, obtaining energy mainly from fat is a state known as ketosis, and it has many benefits since it turns you into a fat burning machine, you lose weight without starving, because you lose weight and burn fat all the time even when you are sleeping and it gives you enormous amounts of energy. Therefore the ketogenic diet is a strict, low carb, gluten free diet. It is based on natural foods, avoiding junk food, carbohydrates, sugar, fast and processed food, pasta, rice, etc.


Reversal of type 2 diabetes and its complications

Obesity reduction

Reduction of hypertension

Cancer prevention.

Anti Aging effect.

Anti-inflammation and generalized pain reduction.

The ketogenic diet can become your lifestyle in terms of your diet, but it is important that you be responsible and do not mix this diet with another type of diet, and do not add carbohydrates, remember that it is a strict diet, and if you do not have discipline and willpower, it is not a diet for you.

I recommend supporting the ketogenic diet with Easy, which is a 100% natural formula, low in calories, helps weight loss, since it nourishes the cells of the body, reduces compulsive hunger, stabilizes the hormonal system, helps maintain the muscle mass, contains proteins and nutrients that allow you to replace a meal, without causing imbalances to the body.

At Centro De Medicina Regenerativa, we have 100% natural formulas to give you a better quality of life.



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