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Find your inner peace to manage anxiety

Hello, Hello!!

Is it true that looking for inner peace you manage your anxiety?

We usually come across the phrase: “True peace is born from within each one, and it is unwise to go out and look for it in other people or in material goods.

Inner peace refers to being mentally or spiritually at ease, with enough knowledge and understanding to keep oneself strong, in the face of stress, anxiety or emotional imbalance. This peace is considered very healthy and is often associated with happiness.

In many cultures, inner peace is considered a state of consciousness or enlightenment, which can be cultivated and exercised through various forms of training such as meditation or prayer, tai chi, yoga, to name a few disciplines that work on that inner peace.

We are unaware, on many occasions, that we should have inner peace, it simply does not exist in our lives, we live in a war with ourselves without realizing it, producing stress and anxiety, we are out own enemies. We frequently have recurring thoughts, memories, that drain our energy. The most important thing is to have responsibility with ourselves to seek to feel better, feel good, with better energy, an energy that allows us to smile.

Peace is a state of mind and as it is always said: each head is a world, but in this life, we can define peace as a situation or state in which there are no wars or fights between two or more opposing parties. Therefore, inner peace is concluded or defined as NO to war with yourself.

We do not deserve the battles we create for ourselves sometimes we are our own enemy, and this is a great waste of physical and mental energy. We must remember that the worst battles are fought in silence and, they usually are against ourselves, if you have recurring thoughts that make your head spin, memories that you don’t want to let go, or thoughts that cause you anxiety and discomfort, you must make the decision to find your inner peace.

You must remember that you only have yourself, you must value yourself and that is why here are some recommendations to achieve your inner peace:

1. Stay away from negative people, we can all these emotional vampires, they drain your energy with their negative and harmful comments, sometimes their energy is very low and makes your space heavy.

2. Accept your flaws, we are very hard on ourselves, on many occasions, we criticize ourselves, we judge us, this does not help us at all. We are capable to accept others with their defects and virtues but, when it comes to us, we are more attached to our defects than to our virtues. Accepting ourselves will give us serenity.

3. Care for the body. The body is essential to enjoy the pleasures of life, therefore, suffering from illnesses, pains, disturbs inner peace. But we have also met people who, despite their pain and limitations, enjoy inner peace, what makes the difference that they accept their condition and do not hate their body? They accept it as it is and simply appreciate having a body. It is not easy to change the chip and accept the body that we have. We just have to be aware and give it the best care, the best food, proper movement, etc. Our body, our temple.

4. Work on positive thoughts. Work positivism daily with motivating phrases and project positive and relaxing images in your mind, it will not harm you but rather, a well-being that will bring you closer to thar inner peace that is so close or distant.

In conclusion: ONLY YOU, can achieve your inner peace and you will reduce anxiety and minimize your stress levels.



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