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Healthy eating this Christmas

Hello, Hello...!!!!! As we all know, the month of December for the holidays, is a time when we fall into excesses and in particular excesses in food. During the holidays there are many invitations and celebrations where we are invited to consume high-calorie foods and more alcohol than can be consumed in any other month of the year.

There are 3 or 4 days in the month of December when family and friends gatherings accumulate, December 24-25, December 31 and January 1, not counting any other invitations the rest of the days. All these activities become, for some, a challenge to maintain proper nutritional health, to avoid unbalancing our body systems and those who do not have the challenge of maintaining health, end up with stress in December to regain the reins of healthy weight and balance the body.

I will always advise you to be happy, and do those things that fill your soul, this can also be called nutrition, especially for the spirit. What we must be clear is that 4 or 5 days of December are the strongest in terms of inadequate nutrition, but these are the days where more love and happiness is felt. Therefore, the remaining days of the month you can have a healthy diet.

We can say that a healthy diet is a diet that includes the consumption of fruits, lots of vegetables, and drinking water, without ever leaving aside physical activity, even if it is mild, but on a daily basis.

Take advantage of the holidays to innovate in a healthy but appetizing cuisine, you can continue to consume some of the typical dishes of your country, but add more vegetables, less fat, less carbohydrates of high glycemic index.

Do not forbid yourself foods, just eat smaller amounts of them and again do not consume excessive carbohydrates or desserts.

You can practice intermittent fasting for 14 or 16 hours, if you have ever done it before. If you have never done it before, you can do it for 12 hours. If you have any medical condition always talk to your medical or nutritional advisor. If you cannot practice fasting, do not skip meals, eat 5 small meals a day, that way you will not be so hungry at dinner or party time.

Avoid sugar, avoid desserts, they are never really necessary, they do not provide nutrition, only calories, and precipitate diseases.

Drink two liters of water a day to stay hydrated and, above all, to help the body eliminate toxins through urine.

Don't lose focus on taking care of your health, always keep in mind that with health you can achieve your goals and objectives.



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