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Minimize pain with higher plants (adaptogens)

It is not fair to live in pain, when we are under this condition, we do not have energy for life. We are limited, therefore we lose the ability to dream, to achieve goals.

I always tell them that with health we can achieve all our dreams and our goals. Normally I am not a person to take excess chemicals or pharmaceutical products, I always try to treat my body with natural products or nutritional supplements, although at a certain moment I do need to combine natural medicine with conventional medicine, of course I do.

Higher plants or also called adaptogenic plants, are intelligent plants that seek body balance. Adaptogenic plants are those that act by regulating physiological functions and balancing our body, so that in the face of "alarm" circumstances, they are able to help us to adapt to this new situation, that is, they make it possible for us to resist stressful situations that would normally affect the functioning of our body in a negative way.

Today the number of higher plants that exist in the world is unknown, since they have a series of very specific common characteristics that identify them as such.

These characteristics are: They are not toxic, increase physical and mental resistance, regulate the functions of the body.

Adaptogenic plants are not stimulating nor do they provide extra nutrients, they simply act by balancing our body according to its need. Many of them have anti-inflammatory functions.

Today I want to talk to you about a 100% natural herbal formula, which reduces inflammation and pain, because it blocks pro-inflammatory mechanisms such as prostaglandins (substances similar to hormones that the body makes. There are different types of prostaglandins, for blood pressure, the contraction of smooth muscles and other internal processes in the tissues where they are produced), cyclo-oxygenase (it is an enzyme that allows the body to produce prostaglandins), tumor necrosis factor (a protein made by white blood cells in response to an antigen, a substance that causes the immune system to provide a specific immune response or an infection) and increases nitric oxide, key factors to induce endogenous inflammation. Relieves pain as it stimulates the body's own production of analgesics and endorphins.

This formula is called Arthritine Plus, which contains all the medicinal plants with anti-inflammatory action known to man, the most advanced in the treatment of inflammation, without the terrible side effects of conventional anti-inflammatories.

Arthritine Plus is also enriched with glucosamine and chondroitin sulfates that decrease inflammation, preventing the progression of joint destruction. This formula is used to support inflammatory joint diseases, including rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.

I know you may ask, if it is useful for any type of pain, even if you do not suffer from arthritis? The answer is yes, since being a set of anti-inflammatory and analgesic plants helps significantly to reduce pain.

Another wonderful plant is the Banaba, extracted from the leaves of Lagerstroemia speciosa, a tree native to Southeast Asia. Long used in folk medicine, it treats a wide range of health problems. This plant treats a wide range of health problems, but we are now interested in its anti-inflammatory functions.

As you can see, we have alternatives that not only help us minimize pain, but also being plant supplements, they serve as antioxidants, thus helping to protect our cells from aggressive agents.

Come to the Regenerative Medicine Center, where you will have the best care from our doctors and qualified personnel.



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