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How music can be a source of healing?

Hello, Hello!!!! We are going to see the importance of music as therapy and it is well known, that music, has been present in magical, religious and healing rites. . In Egyptian papyri around the year 1500, it could be seen that music was related as an agent capable of healing the body, to calm the mind and purify the soul. It was also attributed a favorable influence on fertility of women.

Music therapy refers to the use of music by a qualified therapist with patients or groups, this process is created to facilitate, promote communication, relationships, learning, movement, expression, organization and other therapeutic objectives, to meet physical, emotional, mental, social and cognitive needs. The purpose is to make the individual have a better integration or recovery, in order to have a better quality of life in the situation he/she is facing. Stimulating the mind is essential, since it is the operative center where all the sensations and emotions that human beings perceive and express are processed, understood, and brought together. Music is a sensory experience that can activate all brain areas simultaneously. Therefore, it is useful in therapies, because it triggers the functioning of the brain in the emotional, cognitive and physical sense.

Most people listen to music by tradition, habit, because we like it and it distracts us, and when we listen to it if we like the music a lot, it motivates us, it changes our mood and energy, it makes us forget heavy situations in certain moments.

Music therapy has many studies and scientific bases, and together with other therapeutic techniques and treatments, contributes to a substantial improvement in health and well-being of patients, and the best thing about it is that there are no contraindications or medical area to which it cannot be adopted.

We can see that in many sports and spiritual activities they use music to activate us, or as in yoga, to deeply relax us, control anxiety, therefore, reduce stress.

So, here are some of the benefits of music as therapy:

· Helps reduce pain: if listened, on a daily basis, it can reduce pain, as you release endorphins, which act as a natural analgesic. Not only does that make you feel more in control of your pain, but it helps increase happiness and decrease depression.

· Isolates stress: Most of the diseases we suffer are associated with stress, listening half an hour or an hour of soft music, significantly reduces stress and anxiety.

· Boosts health: Listening to soft music also helps reduce heart rate and blood pressure. Therefore, it reduces the risk of suffering health problems. A study conducted in Italy showed that people with high blood pressure reduced their heart rate if they listened to good music for half an hour a day, 30 days in a row. In addition, it was demonstrated how the right music helps to soothe the cells and tissues that form the lungs.

· Stimulates the brain: music with strong rhythms makes concentration stay sharper and thoughts more alert. Listening to soft music, on the other hand, improves the ability to concentrate for longer periods of time, and promotes a state of calm and meditation. Not only does it give well-being and increase creativity, but the effect lasts even after the music has stopped playing.

· Increases performance: We have seen this when we go to the gym, and they play super loud music, it increases our adrenaline and we perform much better.

· Facilitates sleep: listening to low frequency music induces relaxation, facilitates and improves sleep. This helps to put us in a healthy state: the effects of stress and anxiety disappear.

· Increases optimism: it can also be used to move us to a much more positive mood. Thanks to music we remember happy moments, but we also increase self-esteem and self-confidence.

As you will see, it has endless benefits, it is a therapy that has no cost, you can do it anywhere. Your cells will receive the vibration of the music and the excellent energy that you emit, therefore, you will gain health.

I invite you, to decide for your health and listen to music daily.

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