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Increase endurance and prevent fatigue:

Hi Hi..!!!

Who is not tired in these times? Well I am sure that most when reading this question answered affirmatively with a I, or at least they thought it.

The truth is that everything is happening too fast, time flies by, technology and innovation overwhelm us every day, the news fills us with stress, the stars conspire against those of us on earth according to astrology, etc.

We have to be alert in our day to day so as not to let ourselves be run over by everything that is happening. It is true that I always recommend having a healthy life, based on good nutrition, discipline, physical exercise, meditation, distraction, living one day at a time, but sometimes this is not enough, we need nutritional supplements that help us to have our systems operating in optimal conditions and serving as a retaining wall against the aggressor agents.

Today I want to talk to you about a wonderful shot that not only increases physical and mental resistance, thus helping to prevent feeling fatigued, but also allows us to have much more mental clarity, improving memory speed and working memory both in young people. as in the elderly. This natural nutritional supplement is called IQ Peak.

IQ Peak is a formula made with higher plants, also called adaptogens, along with other brain nutrients. Adaptogens are plants without side effects that exert a protective effect against stress in the body, increasing its "nonspecific resistance state". Research shows that adaptogens reduce fatigue and increase the cognitive and physical abilities of the individual.

IQ Peak modulates the most important brain neurotransmitters (acetylcholine, serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine). A neurotransmitter is a chemical messenger that enables communication between nerve fibers in

the brain and the entire body. Neurotransmitters fulfill motor, sensory or cognitive functions.

Acetylcholine: related to memory.

Noradrenaline: it makes us remember exciting events in the long term, raises our spirits and optimism.

Dopamine: controls body movements, elevates mood, increases sexual impulse, improves immunity, promotes longevity. If there is a shortage it can cause cognitive problems.

Serotonin: produces pleasure, well-being and joy. It also controls sensitivity to pain and allows us to sleep well.

It is possible that we are clear that we must take care of our brain, but we rarely educate ourselves about it, neurotransmitters are important for our health in general, therefore we must take care of and protect them. IQ Peak protects neurotransmitters, making it possible for us to prevent brain aging and also for all our organs, that we find ourselves focused and being more efficient in our daily physical and cognitive activities, with greater concentration, minimizing our stress levels, therefore so much being more efficient in all the senses towards the life that touches us every day.

So to take IQ Peak… !!!!

Go to and buy IQ Peak.



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