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Recreation improves your health.

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On many occasions we don't have time to recreate or distract ourselves, or to enjoy the little moments that life can offer us, because, time is not enough, and we always put our daily obligations before taking time for recreation or distraction.

That is why today I will talk about the importance of recreation for health, not everything can be work and obligations. Recreation is related to the use of free time, and I know that many will say, I have NO FREE TIME, but we must give ourselves that little bit of time to achieve it.

Scientific studies show that physical or cultural activities generate health benefits, and the condition of people's lives increases in terms of physical, mental and social well-being, this improves mood, increases self-esteem, reduces stress, anxiety and the risk of depression.

Health has in recreation a very important ally, since it serves the human being to generate a mental state free of tensions, as well as to provide activities that favor personal relationships, abilities, skills and mobility, and at the same time the satisfaction of living.

Having recreation maintains the balance between daily routine and pleasurable activities, enriches people's lives and contributes to happiness and satisfaction as human beings. We are always searching, without even realizing it, for well-being, both personal and family, in the hope of improve our quality of life.

Recreation is necessary for human beings regardless of age, social class or race to maintain a healthy balance between mind and body. Failure to recreate can affect our evolution in aging, inevitable biological, psychological and social changes occur, and we may even develop cardiovascular diseases. cancer, diabetes, chronic respiratory diseases and mental disorders such as, anxiety, stress and depression, among others. All of these conditions can be prevented through healthy recreational activities.

It is important that all the children and young people in our lives are taught the importance of recreation, of taking that time for distraction and of living without feelings of guilt. Leading an active, recreational life from childhood promotes growth and acceptance of the body. This improves physical and mental health, and when they grow up they will be much healthier. Therefore, you who read this blog, incorporate in your daily life some activities such as: walking, climbing stairs, running, playing, dancing, cycling, swimming, etc.

You can also distract yourself with social gatherings with family and friends, mountain hikes, trips to the beach, dinners at restaurants, going to the movies, etc.

You can have quieter recreational activities such as: reading a book, meditating, listening to music, you should be aware that distraction or recreation increases your physical and emotional health. Taking the time to achieve it is gaining health.

Always decide for your health!

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