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Salmon Piquillo:

Hi Hi..!!! Today I will give you a healthy and delicious recipe, explaining the nutritional benefits of its ingredients.

Ingredients and their benefits: 1/2 diced green and red paprika: They contain vitamin C, being a wonderful antioxidant that protects cells from free radicals, favors the immune system and promotes the formation of collagen, helps the absorption of calcium in the bones, contributes to relieve circulatory problems thanks to flavonoids, it provides minerals such as calcium, phosphorus and magnesium, it is also a source of iron helping to avoid anemia. 1 bouquet of Cilantro: It has excellent anti-inflammatory properties, contains vitamins A, K, B, C and E, minerals such as calcium, magnesium and phosphorus, a wonderful natural purifier. 1 Medium white onion: Natural antibiotic, prevents the aging of veins and arteries, reduces bad cholesterol in the blood avoiding clots, provides phosphorus, iron and vitamin E, being an excellent adjuvant to avoid anemia, purifying and diuretic due to its quantity of sodium and potassium, helps prevent fluid retention. Contains vitamin B and potassium, helping the functioning of the nervous and muscular system. 8 finely minced garlic cloves in grains: improves blood circulation and prevents the formation of thrombi, helps prevent hypertension and reduces cholesterol, is a natural antibiotic helping to strengthen the immune system, is an excellent detoxifier for the body, helps with infections of the respiratory system, it also helps decongest in cases of infections and colds, excellent flavoring for meals.

3 Good-sized salmon fillet: It favors the circulatory system due to its omega-3 content, which helps repair soft tissues, lower and control blood pressure, thus preventing strokes. It also prevents hardening of the arteries, which prevents heart attacks. Being a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids, it is a powerful food capable of ending joint pain, helps produce cartilage tissue and reduce inflammation in the body when these are caused by heart disease, diabetes or arthritis. It is a protein that contains essential fatty acids for health. It is also an excellent source of vitamins such as B12, B6 and niacin, minerals such as selenium, magnesium and significant amounts of calcium. 6 stalks of Chives chopped into little wheels: It is very low in calories; contains numerous antioxidant flavonoids, fibers, minerals and vitamins that nourish and strengthen the body, provides the body with fiber helping to have better digestion, has antioxidant compounds that inhibit enzymes in liver cells, reducing cholesterol levels, has antibacterial properties, antiviral and antifungal, reduces hardening in the veins, since they release nitric acid, which lowers total blood pressure, also prevents the formation of clots and has a fibrillating action in the blood vessels, with which it is possible to minimize the risks of suffering from peripheral vascular diseases and heart attacks, contains a lot of vitamin C, which along with other antioxidants helps protect the body from lung cancer and cancer of the oral cavity.

3 tablespoons of Olive Oil: Helps regulate bad cholesterol in the body and increases good cholesterol levels helping to prevent cardiovascular problems, rich in antioxidants that help strengthen the immune system and prevents aging, helps to better absorb vitamin E and calcium thus allowing the strengthening of the bones. ½ cup of white wine, to give a little flavor. Clinical studies ensure that it can help with cholesterol, as long as its consumption is not abused. In this case, being half a cup, it is a very small dose. Salt: In moderation, since excess can create problems for our health. Pure unsalted garlic powder Mustard to taste. preparation: Add to Salmon, salt, garlic powder to taste. Place olive oil in a frying pan or pot and let it heat up a bit, at this time add the onion over moderate heat and let it become somewhat crystalline, add the green and red peppers, and when they are also crystalline, add onion, cook everything for about 5 minutes and add the Salmon. We let it cook a little and with a fork we begin to crush until it is in very small pieces, then add a little white wine, add a touch of mustard, taste the salt to see if it is to your liking, let it cook for 10 minutes over low heat, add the cilantro, stir and turn off, leave covered for about 5 more minutes and ready to eat. You can accompany this with a rich green salad, broccoli or asparagus. Remember that you must nourish your cells, use natural and quality ingredients.



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