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We must strengthen our memory, not just our muscles

Hello, hello!!! We worry about strengthening our muscles to protect our bones and take care of them for old age. But very seldom do we worry about strengthening of our memory.

Everyone, at some point in the day and in life forget things, we lose concentration, but is well known that trough the passage of time memory can be affected, therefore, it is of vital importance to strengthen the brain and perform exercises to stimulate memory.

-Keeping the brain active, this is the basis to avoid any future degenerative condition, and this can be achieved with simple and fun actions, such as: doing puzzles, playing chess, sudoku, word search among other activities that make us use our memory. Every time you do some of these games your brain works because, you always do different actions and you must remember, differentiate, focus on achieving objectives.

-Writing letters, we have lost this a bit now because of so many social networks and emojis to express for us. But writing letters helps keep good memories alive and forge stronger bonds with the ones we love.

-Practice yoga and meditation, scientific studies prove that they help to reverse memory loss, help to reduce stress, and exercise the brain, people that perform this activity should remember postures, concentrate on breathing, movement and visualization.

- Doing aerobic exercises, walking fast, or jogging for 150 minutes a week, is good for the brain and therefore, for the memory. Doing this activity with others is ideal since you maintain a conversation while exercising and this keeps the brain doubly active.

- Listening to music, playing an instrument or singing your favorite songs is an effective way to exercise your memory, since you must constantly remember lyrics, musical notes to emit melodies, humming, it is also fun and helps us to disconnect from any situation that is causing stress in our lives.

- Reading allows you to stay focused, look for readings that make you learn how to take better care of yourself for the future, to earn and have better health. Knowledge helps you make better decisions. Also read topics of interest that make you improve in life situations where you develop.

-Changing routines, doing routine activities can make your brain to get used to them. Changing small routines, such as swapping habits, can help keep your brain in good shape. Some simple changes work wonders at the cellular level, for example: you could change the hand with which you brush your teeth or try to write with the hand you never do. These are changes to routines that will get our brain cells active.

As always, I will tell you that it is vital to have a proper diet, avoid foods that inflame our body, when we eat poorly, we intoxicate our cells throughout the body, including brain cells.

So, take care of our brain and strengthen our memory.



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