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What is the best for the circulatory system?

Hi Hi..!!!!! Today our protagonist is the circulatory system, how we should treat it, take care of it so that it functions in optimal conditions.

Our circulatory system carries oxygen, nutrients, and hormones to cells and removes waste products, such as carbon dioxide. The path that blood follows always goes in the same direction, so that things continue to work as they should work, it is made up of blood vessels that carry blood from the heart and to the heart. The arteries carry blood from the heart to the rest of the body, and the veins carry it from the body to the heart.

Knowing how it works in a simple way, we are now clearer than ever that we must take care of it.

Bad eating habits, sedentary lifestyle, stress are not friends of the circulatory system or any of the other systems. Therefore, today I want to talk to you about cardiovascular exercises also called aerobic exercises, among them we have walking, running, swimming, those exercises that are active and involve a greater amount of movement that help blood circulate throughout our body.

The practice of sport is a fundamental habit for our health and quality of life. Doctors recommend practicing progressive and aerobic sports, with the practice of exercise on a regular basis, venous return is stimulated and the pumping of blood to the extremities is enhanced, achieving better circulation, it will also help us to have healthy legs.

Many do not like to do any type of physical activity, but they decide to start and do not know which one to choose, my recommendation is to start with a 30-minute daily walk at a pace that you feel your breathing accelerate but you do not become fatigued. Walking is a low-impact activity that has multiple benefits for our health, improves the capacity of the heart muscles, strengthens the muscles of the legs, benefits poor circulation or the existence of varicose veins in the legs, as it helps to push the blood upwards. .

In conclusion we must have healthy habits, awareness and discipline, willpower to take care of our body.

I always recommend nutritional supplements to protect our body and today I recommend Circulat, a 100% natural herbal formula, without side effects, taken preventively, it helps to maintain a circulatory system in optimal conditions, optimizes the structure and function of blood vessels. , notably improving blood circulation.

If you notice that your legs have little veins that are described as spider veins, or inflamed veins, you should follow all these tips and consume Circulat to improve your venous health.

At the Regenerative Medicine Center, you have doctors and 100% natural treatments.



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