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What you should know about constipation:

Hi Hi..!!! Today we will talk about constipation, that evil that at some point has affected us all to a greater or lesser degree.

The first thing we must know is: constipation is a symptom and not a disease, it is the frequent shortage of defecation and the difficulty to expose the stool.

According to the literature, it is considered that a person does not suffer from this symptom if they defecate three times a day or at least three times a week, this may sound exaggerated in both cases, the normal and ideal is to defecate once a day, every day , since we eat food every day and the body must have the ability to expel what it does not need in order to be free of toxins, the person who has the ability to defecate three times a day, without causing any discomfort , is in glory.

It is important that we know the causes of this intestinal irregularity and in this way we can correct daily habits and thus solve the problem. Constipation can cause physical discomfort and the way to overcome it can be from going to the doctor, to trying to solve the problem, if it is a minor situation, but knowing the problem will help us face it in the best possible way and have the best solution.

Body movement and physical exercise help and I would add that it is vital as it helps the digestive system to work properly. We must avoid sedentary and stay active, we can do recreational activities such as walking outdoors, dancing, etc. up to exercising 3 to 5 times a week per week.

Food is another factor of vital importance, we must add to our daily diet foods rich in fiber, junk food, frozen, high in carbohydrates and saturated fat, it is normally low in fiber, this contributes to constipation. It is important to increase your intake of fruits and vegetables and include some sources of natural fibers.

Lack of fluid is one more cause that produces constipation and this is one of the easiest to solve, as long as you are aware that water is your excellent ally, so add a minimum of 8 glasses a day to your diet.

Have the discipline to go to the bathroom, the body needs to defecate and gives you the message, listen to it and take your time going to the bathroom, do not postpone it, since delaying it will only favor constipation.

Stress is transferred to the body, and if it is chronic it does so with greater emphasis, this can cause insanity or anxiety, and this causes the digestive system to not act correctly and that translates into constipation. The ideal is to lead a better quality of life, more quiet and relaxed. I recommend meditation to lower your stress levels.

Here is a list of foods to avoid if you are suffering from constipation:Refined flour and sugars, wheat pasta and white rice, fried foods and packaged snacks, sausage and cured meats, canned goods, junk and ultra-processed food, soft drinks and soft drinks.

I also recommend taking the following nutritional supplements:

Magnesium powder: it is used to treat short-term constipation, it is considered a natural laxative, it increases the number of stools and softens the stool, making it easy to expel, a daily dose should be taken in a single dose. I do it preferably at night, since it allows me to go to the bathroom when I get up and also helps me to have a good night's sleep.

Digestive enzymes: Having an excellent digestion will help our body absorb the nutrients it needs and discard those that it does not, through evacuations, helping that digestion be adequate we can achieve it by ingesting digestive enzymes.

Vitamins and minerals: they have antioxidant functions, we get them in fruits, vegetables and vegetables, but as always I recommend adding a nutritional supplement of vitamins, minerals and plants that supports us, since the food comes with preservatives and certain chemicals so that they last longer weather.

If you feel that your bowel movements have changed a little, before suffering from constipation change your diet for a few days, a vegan diet for 4 days will help your body to regulate and feel more energy.

Get enough sleep until your body feels rested. Having an average sleep of 7 or 8 hours a day is ideal.

Remember that we must treat our body as a temple, and that its optimal functioning depends on us, food should be our medicine and not what makes us sick.

See you in a next blog.



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