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Hello, Hello!!! Today we will talk about anxiety and, how we can help ourselves to improve all the sensations that this state triggers.

The best way to describe anxiety is that is a feeling of fear, dread and uneasiness that is precipitated by uncertainty, not knowing what the future holds, and often by an event from the past.

No one escapes anxiety, we all have experienced this feeling at some point in life. At that moment we call it stress, nervousness, etc., but unaware anxiety can lead to nervousness and extreme stress.

Having anxiety from time to time for short periods of time, can be normal, for example: we are studying because we have an exam to take, we will move to another city and country, uncertain about a relationship, losing a job and not having another, the two years of covid pandemic not knowing when we will be back to normality in our lives, etc. All these situations create anxiety.

The anxiety caused by something in everyday life, due to losing some stable data that moves us where we do not have the immediate answer. It can be easily handled by having other stable data which replaces the lost one, and thus clearly have the answer to our immediate problem. Or when whatever caused that anxiety is over. It is important to be clear that if we do not have the ability to minimize the anxiety for ourselves by having or getting the answers or immediate solutions to our present time problem, we must look for help (professional, a friend, a trusted person), so as not to end up sick from this condition.

Having the ability to recognize that you have anxiety, that this feeling is causing you stress, knowing what is causing your anxiety. Being clear about what you want to do that you know will give you peace. It is a sign that you do not have anxiety as a pathological disease.

You must be clear that we have a mind, and we can divide it in two: The conscious mind which is the rational mind that detects that you have anxiety and what causes it, the one that seeks solutions. You also have the unconscious mind that creates thoughts that only precipitate ore fear, anguish and therefore, more anxiety, stress, nervousness and fear.

I will give an example. You must move to another country or city. But we do not know the place we are going to, you know that where you lived you have already adapted. You lose all your stable data. You visit the new place. You do not know anything, that creates anxiety, fear to change whether you like it or not, etc. The conscious mind tells you: go and get to know the place, it is a matter of time, don´t be afraid of change, accept it and live one day at a time, look for something you like about the place, etc. The unconscious mind says: what if the people are not good, and if I do not like them, what if I am wrong, and the mind put so many “if’, that extreme fear begins. I am sure it has happened to you.

I call this mind “Mimisma” my other self.

Having described the above, it is important, when we have anxiety episodes to take measures so that it does not last for a long time, and let’s not end up sick.

1.Don’t think too much about the future, we can have plans, not really knowing what will happen tomorrow and, those plans can change. Therefore, live one day at a time, work today and now and, celebrate what has been achieve each day.

2.Don’t be stuck in the past, whatever happened is let behind and there is nothing to be change, what you can do is to improve what was not good that you can change. Remember the past only leaves you with a lesson, don’t make the same mistakes. Move forward in the here and the now.

3.Look for information regarding what is causing you anxiety, for example: If you moved to another city, find out on google about city, its places, people, culture. Go out and talk to people of the city to see if it really appeals to you and if you like it. Having data, you have information to find out if that is what you want or not. This applies to studies, health, etc.

4.It is important that you always do what you feel good with, that fills you as a being, do not avoid changes and new things, simply seek knowledge. Take all the steps to what really makes you feel good. If you are well, very one around you will be well too. This should be a policy for all your group members.

5.Be aware of the two types of minds, you know when the sabotaging mind speaks intensively, when this happens take some time to calm down, meditate, do some sporting activity, talk to someone you trust, or to that person who always listen to you and helps you achieve peace. Do no stay alone your thoughts.

6.Take your time to sleep, do not use your cell phone before going to bed, don´t read news, just go to bed and sleep. Listen to some relaxing music. Take some magnesium, think that everything will be fine, turn off the light. You are in control of your life. Life is not in control of you.

7.Be organized. Keep and agenda with the activities that you will do every day, also include place and time that you will dedicate to yourself to exercise, meditate, socialize, eat, etc.

8.Have and excellent diet, the one that makes you feel gain health and improve your quality of life.

9.Social life with Non-toxic friends will distract you and calm your anxiety.

10.Consume nutritional supplements such as vitamins and minerals that help you nourish your cells, your body and keep you healthy.

11.Strengthen your immune system, it is one of the most important systems in the body, it weakens with excess stress, fear or anxiety, so take Inmunologix.

As you will see, we all have control of our lives in our hands. It is a matter of making the decision, having discipline and willpower to achieve it. Do not let anxiety become chronic.



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