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Bamboo diet for weight loss.

At CMR (Center For Regenerative Medicine), we have a new product with an innovative and effective system for weight loss. It is used to manage various conditions, from diabetes to metabolic syndrome.

We have named it “The Bamboo Diet”. The system consists of three products:

- Bamboo Détox

- Bamboo Diet

- Gorila Protein

As Hippocrates said: “let food be your medicine and let your medicine be food”.

Bamboo Detox and Bamboo Diet are taken instead of breakfast. They should be mixed with a bottle of water and shaken together. Gorila Protein, replaces lunch or dinner. It should also be mixed with a bottle of water and shaken.

To achieve effective weight loss, two meals must be replaced with these therapeutic phytonutrients, which also supply all the proteins that human body needs.

The origin of the Bamboo Diet System was inspired by imitating the feeding of gorillas in captivity, mainly based on bamboo shoots, stems, green vegetables and some fruits, because they have a metabolism very similar to that of the human beings and are incredibly strong and healthy.

The Bamboo Diet System is fully compatible with vegans as it supplies the essential amino-acids that vegans generally do not get in their diet, as well as the amino-acids branched chain (BCAAS: Branched chain amino-acids) leucine, isoleucine and valine. Of course, the Bamboo Diet System is also, absolutely Keto friendly as it supplies the phytonutrients that are typically lacking in the Ketogenic diet as well as the Paleo diet.

The products have an excellent flavor, although no sugar has been added. Its carbohydrate content consists mainly of fiber (which is considered a carbohydrate) but has no impact on insulin and does not provide calories.

I consider this system to be the missing link to our correct nutrition, helps cure most chronic-degenerative diseases, so it represents a great new tool for our doctors to achieve better results, particularly with the large number of diabetic and hyperlipidemic patients.



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