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Increase male energy:

Updated: May 10, 2021

Today, we will talk about a very important masculine theme, one which woman can’t escape because it affects them as well.

Here are some questions we want to ask you:

Has your sexual desire decreased?

Are you tired and fatigued?

Do you feel decay?

Do you feel that your strength has diminished?

Difficulty staying focused?

Humor changes?

Enlarged breasts?

Reduced ability to exercise?

Are you losing body mass?

If it is one of the affirmative answers or several of them, it is important to take action on the matter. The first thing you should do is go to a doctor to do the rigorous tests and he will surely perform hormonal tests, if he does not send them to be carried out, ask him to please send them to you.

The most important value to have in top condition is testosterone. Testosterone is the most important sex hormone in man. The testes are responsible for the production of this hormone. It helps not only to have male differentiating elements such as facial, body hair or muscle mass, but it is also involved in sexual desire or bone health among others. It helps to regulate blood glucose or cholesterol. Its participation in the emotional well-being of men and in erection problems when their levels are lower is characteristic. The repercussion is not only sexual as it tends to think, but it has multiple consequences in the organism.

Testosterone levels decrease with age in all men. It is a physiological process linked to aging (andropause). The problem occurs if these levels fall below the figures considered to be normal. When men age it is normal that testosterone level reduce.

Many men come to the office because they have no sexual desire or are more emotionally depressed. In many cases, problems with erectile dysfunction, loss of energy or decreased strength are associated.

Painful breasts or breast enlargement can also suggest low testosterone levels. Losing body hair and having to shave less often is another sign. The presence of hot flashes can be another indirect sign of this situation.

The production of red blood cells is also related to this deficit, so low levels of this hormone can cause anemia, depression and concentration difficulties.

For all the above, I want to talk about two nutritional supplements that will help you prevent your testosterone levels from decreasing. We should not wait to have the problem, It is ideal to start preventing lower testosterone levels even before the age of 35.

NRG Specially designed as anti-aging, increases the energy molecule (ATP), responsible for bodily functions. ATP is the molecule of life because it becomes scarce when people begin to age. People without ATP get sick more quickly from metabolic diseases and tend to gain weight.

Potenter Plus is a totally natural nutritional supplement that increases male testosterone levels, it is a clinically certified product. It is a highly effective formula to improve sexuality. It also greatly benefits the highly competitive athlete as it increases muscle mass. Potenter Plus is as effective as the best pharmaceutical product but without side effects. It can be taken 1 hour before having sex and you feel the difference.

How to consume it? for maximum capacity 4 capsules in the morning and 4 capsules at noon. Potenter Plus was subjected to an independent double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical study, where it confirmed its high efficacy. The results were erections increased by 95%, orgasmic function increased by 90%, sexual desire increased by 59%, satisfaction increased by 193%.

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