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Understanding what health is:

We are always talking about being healthy, about having and gaining health, but we are really clear about what health is?

According to the world health organization: "it is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not only the absence of diseases or illnesses." This definition is very true, but we must achieve the balance of each of these components to be healthy.

If we suffer from any disease or physical condition, our mental state will be affected and therefore the social one. So we will first talk about our body as a system.

What is a system? a set of interrelated elements that have a common purpose and function as a whole. Therefore our body is a biological system that has a number of organs related to each other in order to be alive.

There is an indisputable fact is that behind each system there must be an intelligence that regulates it, the organism has a biological intelligence that continuously regulates the functions of the body, to keep it organized with life and health. This biological intelligence is different from the conscious intelligence that we are.

Biological intelligence creates and uses energy to achieve the organization (it is the structuring and interrelation of the individual parts of a whole so that the contribution of each element is based on a common objective) of the living system, for example: the circulatory system It is organized in such a way so that blood reaches the heart and each of the organs through the veins and arteries, in the same way each system of our body performs its functions. That is to say that the organization is the supreme proof of the existence of biological intelligence, and we can say that this biological intelligence creates organization to produce energy. Therefore, the health triangle is born, and its sides make it up: Energy, Biological Intelligence and organization.

Why a triangle? Because it enforces the forced condition that by increasing one side the other two grow so that the triangle is preserved. Neither side can exist without the other and this is what our potential for survival measures.

Therefore, health is made up of biological intelligence, energy and organization and if we want to heal or increase the health of a human body, we must set ourselves the goal of increasing E, I, O.

For example: Viruses usually attack the structure, that is, the organization, after circumventing the intelligence of the immune system.

Surgeries for disease are also dangerous because by destroying organic tissue they cause organizational damage and lower the body's energy, causing biological intelligence to be overloaded.

Aging directly attacks the organization by reducing cell turnover.

Therefore, how we improve health: Increasing each vertex of the triangle.

As always I will give a recommendation to have a triangle of health in balance on each of its sides.


Lower stress and anxiety levels. Take time to breathe, meditate, do some type of therapy that allows us to calm our thoughts a bit and allows us to be a little more in the here and now. That allows us to live one day at a time and learn to enjoy and be grateful for each moment.

Performing physical activity also allows us to have our energy in optimal condition


Get enough sleep and for this I recommend:

· Disconnect two hours before going to bed from all electronic devices.

· Write down all those pending things so that you do not fear that you will forget something, and do not go to bed worrying about the tasks to be done.

· Take a good shower of lukewarm water.

· Make yourself a tea of ​​Chamomile, linden or mint, and add a teaspoon of magnesium powder. You can also consume magnesium in capsules. Magnesium helps you have a restful sleep and minimizes stress levels.

· Use lavender essential oil on your hands and soles of your feet.

· Light a rose or lavender scented candle in your room.

· Take a book and read for a few minutes in bed.

· Use relaxing music only as a background, that is, low volume.

· Try to go to sleep at the same time every day. I know this is difficult, but at least give it a try.

. Have a diet focused on cellular nutrition.

. Avoid consuming sugar.

. Also physical activity helps to have the organization of our body in excellent condition. Remember that the organization is part of our physical structure, being in motion we activate all our systems.

Biological intelligence:

Food is essential, all that we consume must be done with awareness, since our body is not a garbage can. Following the above recommendations regarding increased energy and organization will help our biological intelligence, but it is vital that we provide nutritional supplements to our cells.

Higher plants called adaptogenic plants are plants that increase life and do not cause side effects, serve as antioxidants and help reduce different types of stress.

I recommend what I consume daily:

Immunologix: Herbal formula with 21 superior plants that improves immunity by stimulating the immune response.

Hepaforte: Herbal formula that protects our liver, remember that the liver is our great detoxifier of the body, and performs a series of vital functions in our body.

Adrenal Modulator: Combination of adaptogenic plants that minimizes stress levels, mitigates anxiety and induces a restful sleep.

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