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What foods to consume for skin care?

Hi Hi..!!! Today we will talk about the skin and what foods to consume to have a young, bright, healthy skin. The skin is an organ, the largest in the body, it also has a series of derivatives such as hair, nails, and sebaceous and sweat glands. Among its main functions is the protection of the body from external factors such as bacteria, chemicals and temperature. The skin contains secretions that can destroy bacteria and melanin, which is a chemical pigment that serves as a defense against ultraviolet rays that can damage skin cells, other functions and one of the most important is the regulation of body temperature . As you will see, it is an amazing organ because it always protects the organism from external aggressors. After this brief, simple explanation of the functions of the skin, we must become aware that without a doubt we must take care of it. It is true that it is vital to take care of it externally and protect it from external aggressors. But today I am going to talk about how we should take care of the skin from the inside of our body, the best medicine will always be our quality of food. Therefore, nutritional contributions are required like any other organ, a healthy diet will be essential for the skin, an unbalanced diet can cause health problems in it. Any specific deficiency of nutrients or excess of toxic components can disturb the imbalance of the skin. For example, a vitamin deficiency or food allergies can cause diseases that affect our skin. Let us remember that it is the visible organ, and being so visible it is the one that shows our state of health to the outside world. Having a nutrient deficiency can cause the skin's renewal process to not develop properly.

Therefore the recommendations are as follows: As far as possible we must avoid refined and processed foods, these rob you of vitamins and minerals necessary for cell renewal. Avoid refined flours and sugars. Avoid dairy products, they contain proteins such as type 1 casein and type 1 betacaseins that can produce exaggerated reactions at the immune level, that is, they have the ability to increase episodes of autoimmune skin diseases such as psoriasis, vitiligo or some types of dermatitis. Consume foods that contain antioxidants such as: fruits with a high content of vitamins C, and other vitamins and minerals, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, also contain little sugar. Eat green: Spinach, arugula, endive, chard, endives, cucumber, asparagus, zucchini, etc. All fresh vegetables and greens contain a lot of fiber, vitamins, minerals and water, this keeps us hydrated. Red pepper: contains collagen, a protein that supports the skin. Some yellow vegetables such as carrots and pumpkins that are high in vitamin A and beta-carotene. Avoid alcohol consumption, it causes dehydration and this affects our skin. Drinking plenty of water keeps you hydrated, and allows the skin to look healthy, glowing, and avoid wrinkles. Other recommendations: Sleep between 7 and 8 hours daily, lower stress levels, consume formulas of vitamins, minerals, collagen, etc.

It is true that having an external care with adequate cleaning, natural creams that hydrate it, etc. It is vital, but we will talk about this in another blog. I always recommend nutritional supplements to help our body from aggressive agents, today I will recommend some to nourish our skin. Easy: It is a liquid formula so that it has greater absorption, of vitamins, minerals, collagen, wonderful adaptogenic plants that allows you to have the necessary nutrients daily. Being such a complete formula and nourishing the cells of the body, it helps with anxiety, stress, compulsive hunger and allows weight loss. Turmeric or Turmeric (nitric oxide): Nitric oxide is an anti-inflammatory molecule secreted by the veins in the form of gas, turmeric stimulates nitric oxide, is vasodilator, improves circulation. By having anti-inflammatory properties it can help in cases of acne and any dermatitis. Equisetum Arvese (Horsetail): It is a plant very rich in silicon, a mineral that intervenes as a cofactor in the formation of collagen. How will you see in nature we have many solutions without the need to fill our cells with chemicals. To eat healthy to rejuvenate our skin. At the Regenerative Medicine Center, we have specialists, formulas and plants to give you a better quality of life.



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